protect the environment, changfeng in action

日期:2017-04-05   标签:protect the environment, changfeng in action

       the earth is rejuvenation and vibrant in march. initiated by shifang government, the “three-big-battle” of prevention for air, water and soil is progress. closed to baiyu river and zhenjiang section, shifang changfeng chemical co., ltd took the responsibility actively to response the policy to clean the river and protect our surrondings.

taking the responsibility and obligation, the company leadership organized all stuff to clean the baiyu river and the embankment nearby the factory in the morning, 28th, feb.

        “from the nature and for the nature”, we always adhere to the environmental protection and sustainable development. by using pure energy, all products are finished without any residue and exhaust gas. meanwhile, the company invested the construction of sewage recycling system many years ago, and all the waste water can be disposed in house and recycled for the production, and the integrated wastewater discharge grade 1 standard.

       shifang changfeng chemical co., ltd will keep taking practical action to protect and purify our home.