interlakokraska2017 with a perfect ending

日期:2017-04-05   标签:interlakokraska2017 with a perfect ending

     it is warmer and warmer in february and the spring brings us the new fresh year that makes the air fragrance. however, it is filled of snows and ices in russia. the thickness of snows is up to 30cm. 

        on february 28, 2017, the 21st interlakokraska'2017 was started in moscow russia. as high quality raw materials supplier, our company changfeng was invited to participate in this event. the exhibition is sponsored by the russian international exhibition center, which was a professional paint coating industry show and supported by national industry department of russia, russian chemical union, the russian government and some other organizations. it was held every year and it has been held successfully for 18 years. with highly professional and authoritative, it is widely recognized in the industry.

          12000 professional visitors visited the show and searched their potential suppliers from over 300 exhibitors who came from more than 20 countries.




the main contents of the exhibition are as below. 

1, coatings for architectural, wood, traffic, coil, automobile, anticorrosive, bridge, waterproof, fireproof, power-wind, light industry, plastic, metal, uv-curable, floor, powder, special functional coatings and environmental protection coating.

2, chemicals, raw and auxiliary materials: natural resin, synthetic resin(acrylic resin, amino resin, petroleum resin, silicone resin, etc.), pigment (iron oxide red, aluminum powder, aluminum paste, titanium white, pearl pigment, phthalocyanine, etc.), solvent, filler (kaolin, talcum powder, bentonite, calcium carbonate, mica powder, etc.), filler, chemical glue, adhesives, additives (including thickening agent, surface active agent, pigment dispersing agent, emulsifier, crosslinking agent, defoaming/defoaming agent, skinning agent, flow ping agent, bactericides, drier, stabilizing agent, wax, etc.).
3, equipments for coating production and testing: color matching system, blender/mixer, continuous blender, intermittent blender, lab blender, high-speed dispersion machine, reaction kettle, etc.
 4, coating equipment and technology: mechanical surface treatment technology and equipment, chemical formula and surface treatment(phosphating and passivation etc.), coating equipment and the related ancillary products, etc.

5, safety and environmental protection equipments and other services: container cleaning equipment, environmental protection and safety equipment, wastewater treatment, solvent recovery and so on.